about-dawn-pugsleyAbout Dawn Pugsley

Hello, I am the owner of ‘Creations by Dawn’.

I am 52 years old and have worked most of my life on conveyor belt operations in factories.
A few years ago I invented the ToZo which is a product to hold reading glasses and sunglasses.
The making and designing of ToZo, although hard, was much easier than the marketing or the bulk selling. The ToZo does sell really well though via word of mouth.
While making the ToZo at my home in Windsor, I discovered “Swarovski Elements” and began putting them onto the ToZo. This was a revelation! I saw a plain item suddenly become fantastic and wondered how they would look on other items.
I decided to take time out from the ToZo and began covering statues with thousands of these Swarovski Elements. I find this really addictive and you just have to keep going because the end result is so stunning!
All of my pieces are hand set at my home. I see a statue, vase or item of clothing, buy it and then crystallise it. Every item I create is a one-off. I like this idea because you won’t see another one in anyone else’s home. Each piece is signed and numbered adding a personal touch.
I also enjoy doing commission work for you, whether you supply the item or ask me to source it for you I can honestly say it will be made with love.
I chose to use Swarovski crystals instead of the cheaper Rhinestones so that they will hold their value. Swarovski Elements are real Swarovski crystals but known as Elements when not affixed by the Swarovski company.
These delightful pieces will make a fantastic centre piece for any home, office or reception area or a special gift for weddings, birthdays, retirements, anniversaries etc. They range from being lovely to stunning!
In the sunlight, or under normal lighting in your home, you will be mesmerised as the light bounces off your statue’s crystals all over the walls and ceiling. It really lights up the whole room giving you a magical feeling.

They are guaranteed quality items, “Made in England” and set by hand!

See my shop for the collection so far!

Who buys my items?

  • Discerning, high end collectors
  • Travellers who love bling!
  • Companies looking for that masterpiece for their reception area
  • Customers wanting to commission a unique gift


Bespoke setting service

I also offer a bespoke setting service. If you have a figure you would like to be hand-set with Swarovski crystals please send me a photograph of it together with its size and your design ideas. I will send you a free no-obligation quote.